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Although Stem & Bean carries a wide selection of pastry in store, we encourage you to provide us with a 24 hour notice for special order items so we may completely satisfy your needs.  Kindly phone us with availability concerns.

Ricotta Pie 
A classic Italian dessert, made from a recipe handed down through generations. Fresh, rich, sweetened ricotta cream is baked in our heavenly pasta frolla pastry dough.

Savoy Pastry 
Italian sponge cake soaked with rum and strega liquors layered with vanilla custard and/or chocolate custard and covered with handmade buttercream frosting.

A traditional Italian pastry. Handmade, crispy light and flaky layers. Filled with our homemade yellow cream, semolina, cinnamon, and citrus flavoring. 

Strawberry Shortcake 
A layer of Italian sponge cake flavored with rum liquor and filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Topped with white cake and decorated with whip cream. decorated with whip cream. 

Delicious Italian Sponge cake soaked with espresso and coffee brandy with two layers of marscapone cheese and a beautiful whipped cream decoration

Apple Tart 

A classic Italian American dessert. Cinnomon glazed apples baked onto a crust covered a thin layer of yellow cream.

A puff pastry filled with vanilla custard and finished with a chocolate buttercream frosting. 

Fruit Tart 
Light and flaky pasta frolla shell filled with one of our delicious creams. The tart is topped with fresh fruit artistically arranged and hand sliced by our pastry chefs.

Lobster Tail 
Handmade, crispy shells shaped into a "lobster tail" filled with our "lobster tail cream" composed of homemade whipped cream, yellow cream, and ricotta cheese. 

Deliciously made. Three layers of crispy shell baked to perfection with two layers of yellow cream topped off with buttercream frosting.

An Italian sponge soaked with rum and strega liquors wedged in between our homemade vanilla custard and a delicious crispy, flaky shell. 

Peach Ganache 
Three layers of light white sponge soaked with rum and a touch of strega liquor. Filled with chantilly cream and diced peaches. This delictable dessert is finished with a white chocolate ganache and topped with a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache.

Two layers of Italian sponge cake, soaked with rum, and amaretto liquors. Filled with a layer of creamy vanilla custard. This cake is masterfully hand crafted, domed and baked in a sweetened almond paste and glazed with apricot preserves.

Creme Brule 
Our homemade custard cooked and cooled finished with caramelized sugar and topped with fresh fruit. 

Italian spongy pastry soaked with rum and strega liquors. Our babas can be enjoyed with a vanilla custard filling or without. 

Cannoli- Crisp, deep-fried pastry tubes that are filled with cream.

Chocolate Ganache 
Three layers of light chocolate sponge soaked with rum and strega liquor. This pastry is filled with chocolate mousse and then toppped with rich, dark chocolate ganache. It is finished with a drizzle of white chocolate ganache. 

Chocolate Mousse Slice 
Only the finest European chocolates are used. Two layers of rich chocolate cake with a generous layer of divinely scrumptious chocolate mousse topped off with delicious homemade whipped cream, chocolate syrup and rich chocolate chips.

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